It is with the utmost excitement and gratitude I  get to share a  labour of love


When my dear gypsy soul sister Allison Hayes (aka Allie Sunshine) was in the hospital in 2015 battling leukaemia in addition to a rare endocrine cancer, she asked me to bring materials so she could do a vision board. This is a practice I have done for years and loved sharing it with her. I updated mine while she did hers. We had such a great conversation that day about putting things on your board and manifesting them.
One of the items on my board was sharing my photography in a concrete way, especially the shots I have taken on Pelee over the years. (quite a few for Allie last summer when she was unable to leave the hospital)
So with this in mind and heart, I  put together my first book of photography of Pelee Island called iSLAND LiFE.
This book is dedicated to Allie. She loved Pelee like I (and many) do for it’s peace and natural beauty. It is also my way to say to her “thank you forever” too.


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