Thanks and Giving

“Amazing grace how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me

I once was lost but now I’m found

was blind but now I see”

“Lost and Found” should be a department in life we all are required to visit on an established time loop and as needed. Think about how much better it would be, well easier anyway, if there was one central location that could give you some assistance for such emergencies such as….. I seemed to have lost my mind, my mojo, my way…..anybody find it or did it happen to make it’s way here on its own?

Or perhaps as a good Samaritan if you found someone’s lost faith, misplaced trust or absent self esteem you could bring it to the Lost and Found who puts out a call “ Hello Ms. Sue? It’s the Life L & F Department calling….yes someone returned your misdirected hope today…..well yes it did appear slightly rough and tumbled but we had a little extra found dedication that we bathed it in and it’s seems to be resting comfortably now. Would you like to swing by on your way home from work pick it up?”

Yes, yes I think this “Lost and Found” department in life would be a fan-f%&$ing-tabulous idea…..hmmm …

But as we all know life does not have a Lost and Found department in a neatly designated area of the floor plan… in the traditional sense. However, if you readjust your focus sometimes on a sunny Sunday afternoon, on a day of thanks and giving you may see the soft glow of the Lost and Found department’s sign beckoning you to it’s counter………..

October 2009

Really the day could not have been more perfect, a balmy October day, ultramarine blue sky (like my favourite coloured pencil), quilts spread about the ground, a feast of BBQ’ed turkey, bevvies and besties.

Gram at 90, was enjoying the 30-something crowd’s company, flirting with the boys, them flirting her….”he did what!” and sharing love and wisdom with all. We had sprung her from the nursing home for the day. Little sister would like you to believe it was quite ninja-like  but in reality, it was all above board.

She had a large glass of white wine and perhaps a beer or two or three (what she wasn’t driving) and had us all in stitches with her stories of the nursing home shenanigans.

There was a perfect lull in the conversation or maybe it was just that everyone was soaking up the day, finding what they had lost slowly appear on the horizon, when Gram asked Mark-o, who was fiddling with his guitar “Do you know Amazing Grace? “

Well Mark-o being the good practicing Catholic that he is….(stop laughing all those who know and love him) said yes, plucked a little and started… D…..G….D

And that is when the lights went Broadway on the “Lost and Found” Department sign and we were all found when Gram began to sing in the most beautiful soprano…..

…..amazing grace……how sweet the sound…….

Oh and how sweet is was. So sweet that everything else in that moment literally stopped. Every single one of us (14 in total attendance found our way to be exactly in the moment.

We found ourselves wrapped in Gram’s voice, the warm sun, the fullness of our bellies, the closeness of each other’s company.

We all get lost. We lose ourselves in the flurry of outside forces, our work, relationships, the daily grind of life

Finding our way back means showing up in the moment, giving of ourselves fully, without worrying how we are going to sound or how others will perceive our voice. When we truly sing from that place in us that is never lost…..we will always be found. It is a sweet sound.

Through many dangers, toils, and snares, I have already com 

‘Tis grace that brought me safe thus far and grace will lead me home.


Big Sister


IMG_7414 Gram and I “wish-boning”.
She won.

2 thoughts on “Thanks and Giving

  1. Andrea Corp says:

    Love the lessons found with your Gram. I am so sorry I never met her although I feel like I know her! P.S I always feel a little lost and a little found. As long as there is mostly balance, I know I’m moving forward. xo


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