Shiny Bits and Baubles

Because not much distracts me more than shiny and sparkly.





Found at various  thrift stores along my journey, minus the stone on gold necklace (my Gram’s from France in the 1970’s), all of these accessories make my child of the 70’s smile.







Yes, 2 necklaces or 5 are one of my favourite ways to play right now. Feather necklace ($12.99) Aldo Accessories, wooden necklace (25 cents) local church rummage sale





Feathery bits are one of my fav BoHo go-to’s. These gems found me and I can’t remember which treasure hunt it was on, but have had and loved them forever.





Simplicity speaks with stripes. Heart-shaped beach washed pottery necklace from The Painted Moon.








Give an extra shout out to love. Multi-strand necklace ($3.99) Value Village paired a simple statement of love necklace.







Amazing vintage necklace ($20.00) from one of my fav spots Penny Jane’s Vintage and More. Although I’m a big fan of multiple necklaces, this beauty stands alone.





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