Welcome to the Jungle





Leopard print cardigan ($4) and leather belt ($2) Thrift on Mill, snakeskin blouse ($5.99) Value Village, feather necklace ($12.99) Aldo Accessories, wooden necklace (25 cents) local church rummage sale






Leopard pencil skirt ($3.99*), paired with shiny loafers ($8.99*), one vintage necklace ($2.99*) + one new necklace and the denim jacket (*Value Village)





Leopard sweater ($5.99) Value Village, grey faded leggings ($4.00) Salvation Army Store Essex, GrampaIMG_8061‘s watch, Sweet LeiLani Passion Flower red lipstick








Leopard tights paired with $5 bin sale black dress from Vintage Row in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Not much better than getting knee deep in vintage to treasure hunt.

Bracelet from one of my guiltiest pleasures Modern Primitive in Kingston, Ontario.

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