Fearing Less 

Living the dream, find your purpose, bliss…happiness, yadi, yadi, blah, blah, blah. There is a whole lot of writing on the subject of how to “be” these days. But until now you haven’t heard the little sister side of how to live your dreams so pull up a bar stool and have a listen.

Your parents made mistakes, your ex did something crappy to you, the dog ate your homework. Stop making excuses and let’s get real. The reason you aren’t living your purpose, dream, big deal, etc. is because somewhere deep inside of that pretty little head of yours the part of you that wants to do it is being bullied by fear, plain and simple. So I’m telling that scared you crouched in the corner of that dark padded room that it’s time to make a break for it. It’s time to kick fear in the nuts, bolt towards the direction of a door and don’t look back. It’s time to get the hell out of the fear asylum.

Still not convinced and crouched in the corner because you don’t know which way to run when fear is chasing your ass around the room? IT DOESN’T MATTER – JUST FU*&ING MOVE!

Will you reach your “ultimate dream” in one sprint? Most likely and probably not. But guess what? When you are doubled over and gasping for air your feet will be pointed in a direction that is opposite of fear. Which means you will also be in closer proximity to direction of that dream. Look at you; you’re on your way!

You see, if in your first step to get out of the fear asylum you don’t get caught up in the fear of how and when it’s going to happen, that first step is all you need to do right now. Simply start by getting further away from the fear. Fear has this power that is the pure opposite of radiance. Fear is like a dirty sludge that slinks below the city through the dank old sewer. It’s murky, slow moving and smells like sh%$. It will get in every crack and crevice of your being if you let it and it will slow you down or worse, paralyze you. Sound familiar?

We all get scared of the dark at some point. That is completely human and fear can be a good thing. It can motivate us. It can show you what you don’t want. It keeps us safe. It warns us of stranger danger. It keeps us from doing that fifth shot of tequila….sometimes. But when we give fear control it paralyzes us in a darkness of self-doubt and self-dislike. It snuffs out the radiance of your own light and we end up smelling and feeling like sh*^.

Will the sewer ever run clear of fear? Will the fear asylum ever shut down? Sorry to say….nope not going to happen. But please don’t let that be your excuse. You don’t need a dare devil costume (although kudos if you have one) and you don’t need to be “fearless”. You just need to “fear less”.

So listen up Fear, I have something to say to you… Fu*& You! Boot to the nuts! Bolt for the door! Hey look here I go running a little lighter and in the direction of a dream. This blog and website is part of my journey to getting out of the fear asylum and living my reality with less fear. Perhaps one day, they will use this picture as my promo shot for when I reach one of my lifelong dreams of hosting Saturday Night Live. Until then, I will keep running just as fast as I can.


Little Sister



Is there something you really, really, want to do? Make a promise to yourself to do whatever version of it you can in the next month. Take one step towards the door. Don’t put a judgment on whether it’s a big step or a baby step. Accept that it is a step and that is all it needs to be for today. One step closer to fearing less.

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