Hope over Fear – Congratulations Prime Minister Trudeau

With our newly elected Canadian Prime Minister, a different time is upon us.

“Hope over fear” – can we please put all party politics aside and unite in this message from new Prime Minister’s speech.

Change can be difficult if it is not a change we thought we wanted. Let this change shake you up. Let it make you stop and really look, think, hope …and decide how you feel about the world around you and how you want to be a part of it. Let this change be the opportunity for you to step up and use your authentic voice. The voice that doesn’t hate in the face of fear, but instead asks to understand; the voice that questions how do “we” make this the best place to grow together. 

Under the colour of our skin, the accent in our voices, our boy/girl bits and the washing of our brains, we really are no different. 

Thank you to everyone who voted in Canada. Whether your chosen party won or lost, your voice made a difference. Didn’t it feel good to exercise that voice? Let this change be your “excuse” to fear less. 


Big Sister



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