Jennifer’s Way



Jennifer’s Way – When I read this book by Jennifer Esposito about her journey with celiac disease – being undiagnosed, struggling, and finally triumphing. I cried. I would like to state for the record, I am NOT a cryer. Many of my girlfriends in my life have pointed this out so let’s just say, this book is the real deal and so is Jennifer.

If you are celiac or love someone who is, go directly to her website and also check out her book. If you are lucky enough to be in New York City, stop and visit her bakery. I hear it is amazeballs.

2 thoughts on “Jennifer’s Way

  1. HOWMusic4theMindBodySpirit says:

    I was in a conference she spoke at while still studying to be a health coach, and shortly after I got the book because she was playing my song. To say she saved my life is an understatement. As you can see, I have MS, Chronic EBV, Celiac, Gallbladder disease due to all the above,Chronic Fatigue, have fought depression and anxiety, panic attacks, PCOS, possibly hypothyrodism or Hashimotos, Osteoarthritis, Fibo…they all piggy back off each other. I would not be on this path nor would I be the health coach I now am if I never had been sick. Oh yes, it is a pain in my ass but it is also a blessing. It is a pleasure meeting you my soul sister.

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    • theradiantalchemist says:

      And it is a pure and true blessing meeting you soul sister. Love your example of shifting how things direct your life. You are another light to those living with autoimmune diseases, like Jennifer, you have helped so many. And that is what it is all about.
      I hope today is a beautiful, warm and light filled one in your world. xo

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