What is Going On in That Pretty Little Head of Yours?

Perhaps the better question would be “What ISN’T going on in the pretty little head of yours.

This week I had the extreme pleasure of being interviewed on our local cable station TV Cogeco for the community-based show “Plugged In” which will air in the next week. (Yes I promise to share) The focus of my interview was on living a healthy and passion purposed life. It was a wonderful experience and scary exciting.

During the interview we chatted about how celiac disease has impacted my life, about this website and one of my art projects, iSLAND LiFE. The underlying theme of these topics of conversation? My choice to live life consciously and to inspire others to try it out.

Consciousness is a debatable subject, which I won’t dive into now but for the sake of this blog, hopefully we can all agree that consciousness is awareness. Consciousness is also is the gift that celiac disease gave to me.

You see, as someone who lives with celiac disease I must constantly question “is gluten present in this food/product?” So you’re thinking….ok so all your food has to be gluten free but that is much easier these days, end of story. I agree that it is much better than ten years ago. But it’s the not so obvious sources of gluten, the ones we normally wouldn’t be aware of, that keep a celiac on their toes. Is there gluten in this cough medicine? I can’t lick an envelope? What about the hand soap in the public washroom? Hmmm, if it’s on one’s hands and then you eat a yummy gluten free snack you have packed in your satchel, do you cross-contaminated your food? A celiac needs to be constantly aware of the evil known as gluten.

The message of this blog isn’t all about being celiac but I wanted to give you an idea of how it put me on the path that led me to the consciousness doorstep. I need to be aware constantly if I don’t want to be sick and do damage to this body that I have fully come to love. It is this being aware all the time that has woken up my brain and brought me the gift of being able to making conscious choices and live in awareness.

Living consciously is really difficult. I know it is so much easier to tune in and turn off. But you are missing so much when you do! We always seem to have one hundred plus channels playing in our heads at one moment. We multitask constantly. (What else are you doing while you’re reading this blog?)

So now it is time for Big Sister to get a little bossy and ask you to try turning them off, even for a moment. Here’s a little experiment I did yesterday and how it came about.

I am grateful to have a dishwasher which I was unloading, while drinking a coffee, while texting, while putting other bits in the kitchen away, while thinking through a work email….while, while, while… you get the idea. So here’s your experiment –

  • Pick a routine task.
  • Do it and only it.
  • End of experiment.

Oh, sounds kind of easy in theory doesn’t it. That’s what I thought, so I tried it. I tried to stop doing all the other things and consciously unload the dishwasher. Here’s a snippet…

  • Unload the beautiful blates (bowl/plate combo) that one of my besties and I used for an election celebration dinner.
  • Put away the mugs I had made by a potter in Nova Scotia as a gift for my love.
  • Phone goes off…text…NO STOP
  • Consciously re-focus…
  • Back to the dishwasher to the cutlery found garage sale-ing with my Gram

So you see where this is going. When you are conscious/aware of exactly where you are and not distracted by all those things going on in that pretty little head of yours, you start to come into focus. You are aware. You are present. You are in the NOW. And when you are in the now, you can choose to let other things go in your head and BE. Then from that beautiful place, you can choose what you want. You can be aware of the beauty around you. You can hear your own voice and what it would like you to do.

Conscious awareness is difficult. It’s hard to hold on to. But please try. Engage in it out of the desire to do so, don’t wait for an illness or loss to bring you to its doorstep. You only need a little to ignite the spark of light that will trigger the creation of your own magic.


Big Sister


PS – I do admit this experiment was really tough for me. I found asking Little Sister to sing a mantra-style song “I’m unloading the dishwasher” in 80’s rock style was of great assistance. It was also of great amusement to the cat.

PPS – I carry Purell (which is gluten free) in my satchel and after I wash my hands with water I use this to ensure cleanliness so you can relax if I touch you after I’ve been in the public restroom. Little Sister does too.

4 thoughts on “What is Going On in That Pretty Little Head of Yours?

  1. K says:

    Great read. You’re right, it’s very difficult to do. As soon as I’m done typing this, I’m gonna make lunch without also watching a Netflix and facebooking on my phone and listening to tunes I need to learn. I’m going to just cook a meal. Love the music you’re digging, BTW. Can’t wait to see the cogeco show!


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