Random Goodness

A little bit of this, a dash of that….finds that are just too fabulous to keep contained.



Ohhhh, listen to the music….and check out that ring! One of my favourite and biggest ever from Sole Sisters in Royal Oak, Michigan. Yes both the fabric and framed bird print are thrift finds.






I adore me a little polyester blouse from  Value Village ($2.99) These treasures are getting harder to find lately so when you do, it deserves a little disco in the aisle. As polyester isn’t super warm for a Canadian winter, I paired it with a cotton vest found at Thrift on Mill ($2)





From one of my favourite ladies of stye, comes this up cycled t-shirt skirt. It was an absolute hit to deliver prezzies and do that final holiday shop about town aka “taking care of business” with Santa and Elvis.

Thank you Forget the Jones.  Every time I wear something you resurrected with your fab design skills, I am mauled with fashion love.





Sometimes when you pick up a piece like this you think “Hmm, when will I wear it?” Then hopefully you tell reason to shut the front door and listen to the little flutter of your heart and walk promptly to the cash register to purchase it and proceed to wear it on a random, grey Wednesday. Found at Value Village ($5.99) and not in the Hallowe’en section this time.






Kerchief-alisious ($1.00) Et Cetera Shoppe. Seriously, why don’t we all were more kerchiefs? Kerchiefs are fun and functional. Kerchief is also a word that is really fun to say.




Yes, I was in the Hallowe’en section at Value Village again and found this great skirt for $5.99. Paired with the sweetest lady bag from Penny Jane’s Vintage and More ($35.00)  and sassy red flats.





The Demin Jumper – ($4.99) Value Village.

I am telling you some of the very, very best finds are found during Hallowe’en season at your local thrift shops. This is when they put out the vintage pieces as “costumes”. And trust me, it always makes for an interesting evening when you have chosen part of your outfit from your “costume” closet.







Vintage cotton dress ($20.00) Penny Jane’s Vintage and More, grey leggings ($4.00) Salvation Army Thrift Store Essex and elephant bangle (25 cents at a garage sale) .

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