Please Join Us in the Dance

“Well gypsy sister, let me tell you some daily universal truth: People like us, we are the entertainment. We are the entertainment to those who are too fearful to live their lives out loud. And when we are no longer the entertainment it means other free spirits have joined us in the dance.” – Allie Sunshine

That is my take on it and one I hope you will consider….

If life is the dance, then what is it that composes the music? Music is the gratitude for the beauty of it all.

The sunrise, the warm cup of coffee in your hands, the laughter of those you love. There is music even in the most difficult and awkward situations. There is always something beautiful and there is always an opportunity for gratitude in every situation. This provides the perfect soundtrack, that constant beautiful underlying rhythm to life. We often simply choose not to pay attention and listen.

Now why is it that so many people wait until someone else gets out on the dance floor first? Whether it’s the grade 7 dance or the wedding of your cousin (before liquid courage takes hold) many of us look around for others to get out there first. And the not so funny part is that it is the people who were always hesitant to get on up there first are the ones at the end of the night who are the most disappointed when the music stops?

Many of us don’t hear the music or choose not to listen because we get all caught up in trying to perform the “right” steps, we worry about who is watching, if they will they point and laugh and if we are stepping out of time with the music.

My sweet wallflowers, there are no set moves and the only rhythm that matters is your own. Sure there are some basic and standard steps that can help you to start. Hopefully these will give you a bit more confidence and less of a hangover than liquid courage.

So strap on the dancing shoes, cue your music and here we go….

Learning the Life Dance

  1. Be present – If you are worrying about other people judging your technique, you are not in the present moment. And if you and your soul’s ears are not in the present moment you cannot hear the beat to gracefully proceed to step 2.
  1. Listen – Now that your heart and ears are tuned into each other, turn off the distractions and tune them into the music you have playing. What’s your soundtrack? What is sparking in you? What do you want the dj to play?
  1. Simply start by humming the tune – There is a reason there are things called rehearsals. When you start listening and hearing your own song, it may be difficult to follow at first. That’s okay. Start off slow. Tap a toe.
  1. It’s Show Time!!! – Breath, put one foot in front of the other….go on….you can do it. Get out on the dance floor of life and shake what your Momma gave you. Don’t worry if anyone else on the dance floor hears the same tune. They don’t. They are just happy that others are joining in the dance.

Remember to practice, practice, practice and these simple steps can help you find your own groove in life. Quiet the other noise and listen. Feel what your own rhythm is. Can you feel it? Can you hear the lyrics? Trust me your music is in there.

This week take a few minutes to yourself. Walk the stairs up to your office, have lunch somewhere by yourself close to nature, or lock yourself in the bathroom if you must. Please, take a little time out to listen to what music is playing in your heart. How does it want you to move? Do you want to start painting? Learn a new language? Let go of fear and love more brightly?

Hear what it is you truly want and start stepping, waltzing, shakin’ to that beat. As you start moving in your right direction, I promise you the music does get louder.

Well then, what are you waiting for? Come on, we can’t wait for you to join us on the dance floor and be the entertainment.


Big Sister


P.S. I promise if you send me an email or a photo of you getting out there and moving to your beat, as long as it’s not illegal and/or completely perverted, I promise to throw my hands in the air and shake it like a Polaroid picture with you so you know, that at least in spirit, you are rocking out there with someone who can hear the music too.

P.P.S. The quote from Allie Sunshine (Allison Chartrand Hayes – my gypsy soul sister) is one she text me last November, two months before she passed away at the age of 35, after more than a decade of dancing with cancer. Let me tell you, she was one amazing dance teacher.



6 thoughts on “Please Join Us in the Dance

  1. sheila says:

    “Although we have the potential to experience the freedom of a butterfly, we mysteriously prefer the small and fearful cocoon of ego.” -Pema Chodron-

    It is scary to take those first steps out onto the dancefloor; to let go of the perceived security that the wall provides. But gosh…dancing is so freeing. That’s where we really explore where our wings can take us.

    Thank you for this Sparkle Unicorn Gypsy Lady 🙂



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