Why “TODAY” is the Bravest Thing You Can Do

This week was the 33rd year anniversary of my mom passing away from breast cancer. I was 12. She was 44.

I turned 45 earlier this year, an age she will never reach. This fact always stops me cold. I cannot imagine at my young/middle age not having tomorrow. That is what my Mom had to face.

Anyone who has lost a parent at a younger age will tell you that when you get to the age in which your parent was when they passed, it’s a bit of a game changer/mind fu*&. It’s a time where you really look at your life. You may do some comparisons, a flow or pie chart or perhaps scribble notes on a cocktail napkin. You tend to take stock and take note as to what it’s all about. You stop and really and truly understand that today is big because tomorrow may not come and that it is about today and it needs to mean something. You know that you need to engage in life now.

I have chosen to look at this point in my life as a bonus round. Every single day I am still here after 45 years is an extra special gift. It’s a one chance moment in time and it better mean something….well now, that is slightly daunting isn’t it? And this is why, I believe, TODAY is the bravest thing you can do.

Please remember that this is big sister talking so I’m not going to tell you to go bungee jumping or fly off with the monkeys. Of course you can choose something bold such as that, IF that is who you really are. However, making it all mean something doesn’t have to come with safety equipment. For those of us who very much enjoy our current state of existence but simply want some do-able ideas to reboot our souls out of complacency so that we can step up to play in the bonus round that is TODAY, here are some suggestions:

  1. Take a different route…to work, to the grocery store, on your walk or bike ride – see your surroundings
  2. Learn to say I love you in a different language it and practice it out loud – say it to someone you love… or maybe even yourself.
  3. Put on a different radio station and listening to a new genre of music – really brave if you dance to it
  4. Ladies – try a new lipstick…. One can never go wrong with the right shade of red
  5. Gentlemen – visit your local drug store/department store to get a sample to try out a new cologne
  6. Get down on the floor and play with your kids (human or fur babes)- see the world from their perspective
  7. Have dinner…as a picnic, in fancy clothes, or simply without television or computers on
  8. Hold hands in public
  9. Do something nice for someone you don’t “have” to do something nice for
  10. Look strangers in the eye…..and smile

It’s so very easy to lose our wonder of TODAY and the gifts that it brings. But when we remember that each moment is a gift, one that is new and special, you will feel that warm excitement and anticipation in your belly as you unwrap it. You will give each moment meaning. Engage fully TODAY because stepping up to your edge to embrace that excitement is very brave indeed.


Big Sister


P.S. Please note that none of these suggestions cost much, if anything. Your brave soldiering in the army of love does not come with a large dollar price tag. It simply asks you to fully show up.

3 thoughts on “Why “TODAY” is the Bravest Thing You Can Do

  1. Andrea Corp says:

    I love you and I have recognized your inspirational way of living since the day we met. Joyfully embracing each today. I honor this fabulous woman who gave birth to such a special YOU. She must have been exceptional!


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