What the F#%k is Gentle Fierceness?

In the midst of uncovering the concept that is The Radiant Alchemist, what also bubbled up was the combination of words “gentle fierceness”. It is a term I have come to identify with to guide my actions and one whose definition came into full light this week.

Where to begin? Let’s just say I am completely honoured and aware that I am blessed by magic in my life everyday. One of those magical moments this week took place during a meeting of like minds for a group meditation.

Our group discussed the resistance we see in the world. The resistance to refugees around the world; resistance to listening to others; resistance to hearing what’s in our hearts hidden behind the fear. With this in our minds we began our journey with the intention of discovering what we could do individually to dispel our own resistance and how we could bring that forth into our lives to create a subtle flow.

My own assignment became very clear. Continue to strive to live with “gentle fierceness.” How do I carry out that assignment? First by sharing what defines the concept with you so that we are on the same page when you see it appear in context within The Radiant Alchemist. The rest of the assignment for me is to continue to apply it to all I do. The assignment for you? That is completely up to you to decide. But I do hope this helps you begin on your own thought train to how you want to journey through this world.

“Gentle fierceness” is made up of the following:

The Gentle…

Innocence. The wide-eyed little sister variety. The sense of awe that you had as a child that let you look up to the stars and know that you were one of them.

Tenderness of observation with no judgment.

Compassion and Kindness to comfort the scariest of creatures, including yourself, as opposed to putting up a shield to isolate the fear pushing forward that scary. A large heaping helping of love is the only thing that can dispel the hunger of fear.

The Fierceness

Intensity to stand balls/ovaries out in the face of fear and stare right back at it recognizing it’s as scared as you.

Strength to push yourself up to rise above the situation and see the big picture.

Acceptance of the situation and willingness to be part of the solution.

Power to stop your heart beating to the erratic rhythm of the fear of others and instead focus on timing your own heartbeat to your flow of love.

And that my friends is what “gentle fierceness” means here at The Radiant Alchemist.

Resistance will always be present. And as our group felt, a certain amount will always be necessary to help us learn and grow. However, in my humble opinion that necessary amount must be gentle in its delivery and fierce in its resolve to be respectful.


Big Sister


P.S. If you are looking for a GREAT tool to help you on your creating your own definitions, I highly recommend Danielle Laporte’s “Desire Map. Check her out in my Points of Ignition.

P.P.S. If in some sweet synchronicity (my tagging you in this post) the universe brings you to read this Ms.Laporte. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your light on my path. The next time you are in your old hood, please let us know. You have a girl gang of hometown fans here who would love to share with you some southern Canadian hospitality.

P.P.S.S. Little Sister is credited with the title of this blog.

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