Peddle to the Metal and Your Hair Straight Back – Giving Your Soul the Keys

This week I had the supreme honour of leading a vision board group for 8 wonderful women in my life. If you have never done a vision board please put it on your to-do list. If you live near me, connect with me and we can get a group together. No I don’t do this for a living, I just do it as part of my Radiant Alchemist mission of throwing light onto others paths to help them see and simply because I love seeing people get excited about the sh#* they are capable of.

Don’t know what a vision board is? In my definition – it’s a central location that is a jumping off point to figure out what your soul is screaming at you to do.

So back to Monday evening… At the home of my dear friend, the fog outside was incredibly thick. This is unusual in December for the area of Canada I live in so we took it as a sign of super powered jou-jou magic and a physical metaphor of a protection that was enveloping us and giving us a safe space to pull out our dreams and desires from our depths. Past our egos and kicking fear in the ass along the way.

The way I roll in vision boarding is to first start with a good chunk of time pillaging magazines for things that give you the tingles. The idea is you leaf through the pages with no thoughts, no judgments and if an image or words catches your attention, you rip it out and put it in your pile. No questions asked. This was the fun girly chat portion of the evening where we all just relaxed and sank into the cozy space the fog and we had co-created.

The serendipity that continually occurred during this process was incredible. I would say it surprised us but that would be bullsh*%, as we all knew there was something special working behind the scenes. For example me being all dreaming big and stating “I want my future workplace gang to include peeps like the incredible Kris Carr” and then opening the magazine in my lap to the smiling face of the Crazy, Sexy woman herself.

Next we went on to the layout, cut and paste portion of the evening. Never, ever has a girlfriend’s night been so quiet as when we were cutting and pasting our way down the potential of our future paths. I love the layout portion of the boarding experience. This is when you let your brain out of the trunk and into the passenger seat next to your heart so the two can chat together while the soul drives.

We all seemed to find that our images and words wove together beautifully to create cohesive “stories”. My board worked itself into the following:

  • A simple life
  • Purpose and passion filled work
  • Connection with my gentle fierceness
  • Embracing all with an open heart

By the time we were done, the fog had lifted and we all went back to our lives. But something had shifted. We have been in contact this week and we all seem to notice a difference, a bit more spring to our steps, a deeper and richer tone to our laughter and a warmer fuzzy in our hearts.

So you wanna start your own ride? Then I highly suggest securing your heart into the passenger seat, the brain in the trunk and giving your soul the keys.


Little Sister


A little aside….This Friday, the new moon was in Sagittarius, which apparently means it’s time to rock the Casbah and make sh&* happen. So in addition to vision boarding, make sure you start thinking about the actual actions you need to manifest all that goodness.

I started with this pledge based on this article – Sagittarius New Moon 30 Day Challenge and shared it with our vision board group and one of my on line communities. The response was epic so I will share it here with you too.


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