Little Sister Said What – Words for When You Need a Kick in the Sass

It’s that voice in your head that makes you laugh out loud while walking down the street causing others to think you are mildly disturbed. The matter of fact, shake that booty into motion, good kind of trouble. It’s the shot of courage you sometimes need so you can flip that switch to ON and shine.

Here is some Little Sister sass to pull out when you need a loving kick in the ass in 2016: 

“I’m telling that scared you crouched in the corner of that dark padded room that it’s time to make a break for it. It’s time to kick fear in the nuts, bolt towards the direction of a door and don’t look back. It’s time to get the hell out of the fear asylum. You are the light you must turn on in the dark.”

“Who the F cares if it matches, as long as you like it.”

“When you ask yourself “What do I want to be when you grown up?” STOP! And ask instead “What is my next adventure?”

“When you get a raw deal, say like celiac disease, instead of getting all pouty because you can no longer partake in whisky or various other brown liquors, order a golden tequila. In life, what may seem like your biggest challenge actually is the opportunity to be unique, stand up and shine. It may also gift you with the experience of sitting down at the busy hotel bar on night two of your stay and being instantly met with a cocktail, a big smile and the words “I’ve bartender all my life and I have never seen a woman order tequila on the rocks.” Win, win, win!”

“Don’t let the gypsy bracelets and sweetness fool ya.” 

“Occasionally, a girl just needs a bottle of wine, some raw cookie batter, a cat on her lap and make believe television.” 

“If you glory-whore your busy in front of Little Sister, be prepared for her to call you on it. She is that voice in your head yelling “Slow the fu&* down, choose what you want to do and be excited, not a GD whiner when your plate is full of it. “

“Being “in love” comes with a big ol’ price tag that really has no guarantee of return on investment. Expectations of the fairy tale love, marriage and a baby carriage can cost you losing your own worth in someone else’s/society’s opinion of you. But “growing in love” starts with you. It’s making conscious choices based on how you feel in your gut, instead of overwhelming yourself with expectations that you and another person have no fu*&ing chance of ever living up to. When you have grown in love, you will have a worthy investment.”

“Sometimes, you just gotta jump into the water, even when it’s nipple freezing cold. You know, just drop your knickers, run off the dock, jump and have your ass hit that icy coldness and sink right in.”

“You can thank Mom, Dad, or the past with your full load of baggage but it is your responsibility to unpack and put away that sh$%.” 

“You wanna start your own ride? Then I highly suggest securing your heart into the passenger seat, the brain in the trunk and giving your soul the keys.”

My recipe for Pixie Dust is as follows:  (Faith + Trust) x Love – Fear (glitter is, of course, always an additional bonus)

My greatest wish for you in 2016 is… that at the end of the day you stop, look around and realize that life is wonderfully, perfectly, fu*&ed up, incredible, unimaginable and insanely beautiful exactly at this moment.


Little Sister


P.s. Little Sister is a force fueled by gentle fierceness. Let her “go off” in a safe place like your journal. Then go back, enjoy the laughter and see what lessons she has hidden in her wit.

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