“The” Motocycle Jacket

A pure, timeless classic. You can wear it with anything…really anything. Find one, do it. I found mine about 15 years ago in a small eastern Ontario city for, get ready for it…….. 25 cents. Seriously, I found it hanging on the rack, brought it to the counter and that’s what they charged me. I wear it continuously. Best quarter I have ever spent. I wish I could remember the name of the store but I was hyperventilating so much over the 25 cent price tag it’s all a blur.




Black tights, stripes, leopard print shoes, jumbo pearl necklace, big sunnies and the motorcycle jacket. Every classic combined.






Burberry plaid skirt ($5.99) and Rock and Roll Never Dies t-shirt  Value Village ($4.99), belt Etcetera Shop ($1.00), leopard print scarf and classic black wayfarer sunnies.

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