Catch Yourself

Please allow me a little “me rant” for a minute so I can make a point…

Some people who read my blog and/or follow me on social media have said to me “Wow, you have got it together ”, and I’m here to tell you that just like everyone else, a lot of the time, I don’t. I am not perfect. My life is not a fairy tale. I’m completely making this up as I go and there are days when I feel like absolute shit. When I feel like I am damaged by celiac, hideous in the mirror and I want to curl up with the cat in the fetal position on the couch and stay in my kaftan (that’s a pretty hippy housedress/moomoo) to wake up tomorrow so I don’t have to face today.

As I write this blog, it’s a Friday night and I’m drinking red velvet tea and eating GF brownies with a fork, directly from the baking pan while wearing my hair in a very large, very disheveled bun flopping around the top of my head..leaning to the right. Glamorous and fabulous, oui?

I am flawed; broken and glued back together with blood, sweat, tears and tequila.

I’m sharing this not to ask for sympathy or to give you the impression that my life is awful. I quite love my life. I flow to find the peace and am so very grateful for all I am blessed with. I am sharing the above mini rant with you in the hopes that you understand that we all feel this way at time and so you will stop looking at those around you through the perception of perfection.

“The grass is greener”, “she’s thinner and/or prettier” or “wow they really know what they are doing” are things we say to ourselves when we are looking at someone else’s life through the “perception of perfection” and ours through the perception of “I f&*kin’ suck”. These are two completely different systems of measurement – even further apart and much harder to convert than metric to imperial.

You don’t need to make me swear under oath to admit that I too am guilty of this from time to time. I look at other people and think damn, “she’s got her big girl stuff all in order” or “crap, why don’t her eyelids sag” and then I catch myself. THIS IS WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO – CATCH YOURSELF. When you are thinking like this, remember that comparing your worst to someone else’s best is never going to make you feel good or motivate you to better yourself. It will only motivate you to eat the entire pan of brownies.

We are here to help each other. We are here to encourage and inspire, not to compare.

So your assignment this week is as follows: every time you catch yourself strapping on the perfection perception goggles, take them off, smash them on the ground and repeat after Biff Naked…

“I’m looking in the mirror and I like what I see, I’ve lost the fear and the horror that’s been eating at me………….. I love myself today, not like yesterday, I’m cool, I’m calm, I’m gonna be okay”

Know that there will be another pair of goggles waiting for you, but it will be your choice of whether or not you put them on to  peer through them with those big beautiful eyes of yours.


Little Sister


P.s. When repeating the words of Biff Naked, it TOTALLY makes it hit home more if you wave your fists about and do a punk rock face. (squinty eyes, set jaw with over exaggerated duck face….it’s completely badass)

P.p.s. I’d like to state I only ate one brownie, slightly above average size, out of the pan and put them back in the fridge. Little Sister may have got them out, enjoyed those mouthfuls but then she welcomed Big Sister to the tea party who put them back in the fridge and put the kettle on for round two.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 9.01.16 PM



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