Marie Forleo

marie-forleo-b-school-founderMarie Forleo wants you to create a business and life you love. She is smart, sassy, soul fill, brilliant, and hilarious. Okay, clearly I have a girl crush but you will to when you start watching her videos.  Marie is f-*%& doing it right!!!! She has built a successful business and is a respected  professional. Sure many people have accomplished that. But Marie, has done it  while rocking  great fashion sense and  her fabulously beautiful complete inner goofball. The melting together of this big girl sensibility and warmth of someone I would want to be a BFF with is very rarely seen.

She is a true radiant alchemist in that she connects with and shares messages from people doing amazing things. I always laugh and feel inspired after my video time with Marie. Do yourself a favour and sign up for her email and get her weekly Question and Answer video. I guarantee it will spark you.

Here is a video with Marie and Danielle Laporte (another point of ignition) to help you with your “goal setting”.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.33.50 AM

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