What is “Your Truth”?

You hear a lot lately on the topic of speaking “your truth”. But what does is really mean? What if you don’t know what your truth is? How does one go about finding it?

I was having tea this week with a dear friend (yes, tea really, this is Big Sister) and the restaurateur, who is wonderful about taking care around gluten for his customers, wanted to share with us a new, locally made product that had just been brought in for him to try.

And this is when it starts for a celiac…..”May I see the label please?”

“It seems not to have anything with gluten”, he replied.

I read the list of ingredients on the label, felt some hope and then sadly saw vanilla extract, which unfortunately is not always gluten free. I felt like a complete prima dona as I declined but tried to focus on the enjoyment of sharing in my friend being able to try something new.

I told my friend afterwards, this “policing” is one of my toughest tasks in being a celiac. I am excited that someone locally is doing something new but then I have to decline. I feel like people will think I am rude.

“Why?” she asked and waited for my response. I sat there with my mind running over various answers… because I feel high maintenance; because it feels like I just kyboshed the fabulousness of this cool new product; because people who don’t understand celiac is an autoimmune disease will think my gluten aversion is all in my head” I tried to articulate but was fairly unsuccessful.

“Your intention wasn’t to be rude, you said what you needed to say to honour your body and for other celiacs who may not have known about vanilla extract. He knows you, appreciates your insight, completely understands and wants the best for you too,” she responded.

Her words struck home. They sounded familiar to me. Why?  Because it is what I tell my closest friends if they ask my opinion when they are in angst or uncertainty. “Look past the situation to the intention. As long as the intention is pure, it will be delivered as such and will work out how it should. Put your trust in that. Hmm…don’t you love it when the universe makes you hear your own advice and it resonates?

That is when the heavens parted/the switch was flipped. AHA!!! The current traveled past my thick-headed ego to my heart, where the spark went off and ignited me to write this blog and ask you to undertake the following exercise:

The next time you are having a conversation with someone near and dear to you and you offer your thoughts/advice/words to comfort them, write down what you have said. Keep this “advice” in  your journal or on a piece of paper you can fold closed. In the following week when you have a quiet moment, think about something you have been struggling with in your own life. A decision you may be going back and forth on or an answer to a question that seems to be eluding you. Pause and think on this.

Then take a deep breath, open the page of your own words and read them loud to yourself. Yes out loud. This is really important. You need to really hear what you are saying because what you will hear is your truth. What heartfelt wisdom you bestow on those close to you, is exactly that…heartfelt .And what lives in your heart is your truth.

A truth of mine is I believe in the power of intention. I believe that if you set your intention when undertaking a project, a simple task and/or in the grand scheme of life, you will be guided by that intention and that is what others will see in your actions and what the universe will respond to.

That day at lunch, I identified with my friend’s wisdom and my own truth. I knew that the intention of my actions was to be healthy so that I could be a conduit of radiant alchemy. With a deep exhale, I  let the negative feelings I had go and continued to have a series of full, rich conversations secure in the warmth of my truth and my tea.


Big Sister


P.s. My favourite teas right now are from For Tea’s Sake.


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