That’s a Great Set of “its” You’ve Got

We hold on to a lot of shit in our lives. Yes I had to spell out the full word this time for a reason because shit (did it again) contains “it”. And what “it” is for each of us is what we need to figure out so we can let “it” go and let “it’ grow.  See that’s where the set of “its” comes in – one “it” to let go, one “it” to let grow. So to keep these from sounding like a Dr. Suess post, here we go…

I love writing. Always have. When I was little I use to play reporter. Lois Lane was one of my idols and it had nothing to do with Superman. His Girl Friday was one of my favourite movies. My Grandma gave me a thesaurus when I graduated Grade eight to encourage this passion. I read everything I could get my hands on because I simply loved hearing how others told stories and what clues I could hone in from them to develop my own voice. So when it came to the time when I could no longer ignore this voice that was screaming to me to start The Radiant Alchemist and my blog, I had to let a big “it” go.

In my blogs, I know I have a ton grammatical errors, there is creative spelling, dangling participles (say it out loud in an accent that is not your own and it makes you laugh) and I still don’t feel 100 % confident that I’ve mastered the semi colon. However, I have let “it” go. And what is this “it”? “It” is the feeling of having to make it perfect before I make it public. This was tough. Having been taught in school and society that it has to be perfect to be shared was a big “it” to pass. But I did and apparently you all are completely fine with it because I’ve never received a complaint about it.

And in letting go of the fear of the not being perfect in public “it”, grows the “it” of being able to authentically connect with others. Through my blogs, I have had the honour of being trusted to hear how something I have written has touched someone, created a spark in their heart or helped them heal. See, let “it” go and let “it” grow.

(A side note – I do revisit past blogs once in a while and if I notice a mistake I do fix it but I do so in my growing knowledge and writing prowess.)

So you wanna see my other sets of “its”? Here are a few:

  • Letting go of the big girl job expectations and growing my own self-worth that is not attached to what it says on my business card.
  • Letting go of a whole lot of physical house clutter and I mean a whole lot, to let grow the time to spend not tidying up things but doing things I love.
  • Letting go of all the clothes I had worn when I was very sick and size 0 and growing a love of my beautiful, healthy, curvaceous body.
  • Letting go of the ego’s pride and growing a sense of wonder to try things just for fun even if I suck at it.

Letting it go can start with the physical garbage but the emotional waste quickly follows when it no longer can be damned up behind the distraction of the piled up crap into your life. Letting go  can mean simply showing up everyday. Letting go of the judgements of others and of yourself.

So a little mantra for you to repeat this week “Let it Go and Let it Grow”. Pretty simple I know but what did you expect? All the flowery stuff comes from the flow of Big Sister. If you do want something a bit more poetic and also great music to play while you’re working on your set of “its” – check out below for two of my musical crushes letting go mantras.

Repeat the mantra and this week figure out what your set of “its” are. If you want to share, I would love to see your “its”.


Little Sister


P.s. This is a generalized concept of letting go – There will be writing in the future of letting go of certain things such as expectations, the actual physical build around you, grudges and forgiveness so consider this the Introductory Course to get you started.
Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 9.40.06 AM


Michael Franti & Spearhead – Let it Go

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 9.41.11 AM



Sturgill Simpson – Just Let Go

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