Gluten Free Party Etiquette

BeyondCeliac_logo         Gluten Free Party Etiquette from Beyond Celiac (formerly the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness)

There is some celiac advice out there that clearly was written with having no experience with celiac disease or having consulted with someone dealing with it. Trying to sift through this can be maddening and cause you to speak profanities in the direction of your computer.

However, this is not that kind of advice. This is some sound advice about how to handle going to parties where food will be a focus. When you’ve finished the article, be sure to check out the Beyond Celiac website  for recipes, facts and other great celiac information.

Note – It makes me a little sad that we still have to worry about not offending someone who doesn’t know the dangers of cross contamination in the kitchen or by placing the GF food next to the non-GF food on the buffet.  If you have a loved one, friend or co-worker that has celiac disease, please  trust that we do know  the disease that is our life’s travel companion. We LOVE the fact that you want to take care of us and go out of your way to do so. It’s just that it’s really complicated (even for us).

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