Are We There Yet?

The days are starting to reclaim their light. It may still be five weeks until spring officially arrives in these parts but lately there seems to be endings and beginnings happening all around me. Many people I know (myself included) are in the midst of transition, having made choices, taken some action and have done what they can to get the ball rolling. All fitting with Spring in the air but even more so as the full moon rising on Monday is known as the “Quickening” moon. Quickening as in bringing to life.  But like a true physical birth, there are a whole lot of processes one has to go through to get to the bouncing baby at the end of the vaginal tunnel. One of those processes, and the toughest in my opinion, is the waiting.

Our instant gratification society permeates all, even at times, the shiny disposition of this radiant alchemist. I want that bouncing baby right NOW! I want a syndicated column! I want to be a brand ambassador for every brand I believe in! I want a book deal! I want to be nibbling on gluten free cupcakes and sipping tequila with all the great minds of our times discussing how we can best create positive change! I’ve launched my website, made some inspirational goodies to peddle on my Etsy site and am approaching the writing of my twenty-fifth blog. I share something every day. Mostly I focus on this day to day and I am loving it. But there is a part of me that waits eagerly and impatiently for it to arrive, continuously asking…”are we there yet?”

In this waiting, I have come to learn that doing what you love isn’t the hard part. That’s easy. That’s the part that comes naturally, kind of like the sexy time in the whole baby making process. It’s the pregnancy, the quickening of bringing what you love to fruition to share with the rest of the world that is so fu&%ing difficult. It’s full of fear, joy, learning, surprise, disappointment and insane elation. It is every human emotion in our heads, hearts and guts during a quickening that makes waiting for the birth of that baby so damn hard. And also, so damn illuminating.

If we are brave enough to be quiet and not distracted by the expectations of the outcome, we receive the gifts from the magical insight of the process itself.  It isn’t the birth of the brand, the book deal or even the gluten free cupcakes that this is all about. It’s about being able to reestablish the connection with that pure, sweet innocence of excitement we often refuse our adult selves. It’s about knowing our own strengths. And yes, it’s about patience. These gifts empower us to be prepared for all that birth will bring once it’s time. Can you imagine having only one or two days notice before you had to pop out a baby and completely change your life to accommodate it’s wonderfulness? Nope. This is why things take time.

So if you find yourself currently in the waiting phase of the quickening process in any aspect of your life right now, I say to you first “Congrats! You are on your way!” Then I highly suggest going with tips for a healthy birth which they set of for ladies actually quickening babies:

  • Eat healthy
  • Take your vitamins
  • Exercise
  • Create a “birthing” plan for when the baby arrives. What does this mean? It means making sure that you and your environment are ready to roll out the red carpet to welcome this figurative baby into your life. Do you have the space cleared? Tools prepared? Is your heart open?
  • Say yes to cravings sometimes
  • Call for help when you need it
  • Practice kegels…ok that’s just fun and ladies I’ve read that they also help us never pee ourselves when we laugh really hard or sneeze as we age.

Waiting is a beautiful exercise, that when practiced with compassion and kindness can lead to a very smooth birth.


Little Sister


A little red couch reflection …..

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