Growing up to be…

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” may be the most damaging phrase we can ask a child. It implies that we have to “be” something other than who we are. No wonder so many of us are fu&%ed up as adults running around trying to find our purpose.  We were born to be ourselves, that’s our purpose. This preoccupation with occupation ties us to our egos and not ourselves.

As ourselves we get to do things. We arrange flowers, we can build things or we can help people in various ways such as caring for them, helping them navigate the world or making them smile.  We all have talents we were born with. Hopefully the skills we develop along the way make those talents shine and not have us trying to grow into being “something”  which implies that exactly who we are is not enough.

Let me ask you, have you ever felt like you’re not enough? If you answered no, I’m calling bullsh&t.

The feeling of not being enough is the fuel that makes us compete with others as opposed to challenging ourselves to do our personal best. It’s what causes us to be jealous. It makes us compare our lives to other’s lives on social media. It is was brings us to a place of judgement against others instead of turning the mirror on ourselves.

Perhaps if we ask our children (including our own inner child) “What do you want to contribute?” “What sets your heart on fire so bright that the glow warms those around you?” Maybe if we asked the question this way, we would realize our purpose is to be ourselves and that is enough. Then we could spend all that energy we’ve used searching and focus it in on sharing and developing those unique and amazing gifts within us with the world.

This week I ask you to try to crack that outer shell of what you’ve grown up to “be” and see if you can feel the light of who you are shining through those cracks. I pretty much guarantee that it will be there. Yeah, it may be dim at first and seem like it’s coming from a distant place but try to focus in on it. Peer in through those cracks and see what’s in there.

My Aunt, who babysat me every weekday of my extreme youth, says I was the happiest kid and full of laughter. My Gram use to say I wasn’t a troublemaker, I was simply inquisitive. I was drawn to the beautiful things around me and I loved to create even more beauty combining these found treasures.

As my outer shell continues to crumble and fall to the ground around me, I continue to grow. I fear less about what people think and instead let my own voice contribute to the conversation. I challenge myself to be accountable as I know when I’m being a slacker. I’ve learned to trust that when I have given my best, that it is enough. I love more and everyday practice being brave enough to let that juicy light fuelled by love shine bright. I was born a radiant alchemist, that is my purpose. It is not something I need to grow up to be. It is something I practice and share in everything I do, including what I do to pay the bills and I hope it contributes to you finding your own beautiful groove.


Little Sister


A little red couch reflection on this topic….Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 11.05.35 AM


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