My name is Sue and I am a practitioner of Radiant Alchemy. I pursue this path with devotional freedom and the creative peace of thoughts and actions in harmony devoid of drama. My tools are laughter, discovery and compassion. I embrace this mission with gentle fierceness.

I am my soul’s advocate; a point of ignition; a social harmonist; an environmental beautification specialist; and a play-real poster child.

I adore my husband, my home base of Pelee Island, Ontario, my dream base of Tofino, British Columbia, red lipstick, big blue skies filled with fluffy white clouds, peonies, working out the wiggles with a kitchen dance party, a great worn-in pair of boots and pretty vintage finds,  devising alter ego names for my coffee orders, creating positivity and beauty of any and all kinds, gliding on my longboard,  and watching people ignite their own light.

I dream about learning to speak a new language, getting asked to tell an episode of Drunk History, a world where people aren’t afraid to be kind to one another, gluten free donuts with sprinkles and one day having pets again.

The way I see it, we are all conduits here. When we shine our light as bright as we can, it helps others see the way to get boogying on their own path. What a great win-win.

In 2013, at the age of 42, I was diagnosed with celiac disease after severe illness and a lifetime of health issues related to the unknown celiac. Baby steps and a completely gluten free life brought my health back…somewhat. In 2016 I struggled with reactivated Epstein Barr Virus and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I had made a lot of life changes with the celiac but I took this as a message from the universe to fully rest … a lot.  I took this healing opportunity to begin a massive napping schedule and the decluttering of my life.

From a fully stocked 2,100 square foot suburban home to being able to fit everything in my 10 by 12 room of our small apartment, I literally sold or gave away 75% of what owned me   I’m excited to say that we are embarking on our dream of setting up our trailer retreat.

I’m preparing to launch in 2018. The projectile of this launch is somewhat unknown. The compass is set to the stars 🌟

Namaste Bitches


If you have 11 minutes and 24 seconds, check out my very first interview in 2015 about The Radiant Alchemist on TV Cogeco Windsor’s Plugged in with Host Andrea Morosin. I had lots of polishing to do but that’s the fun (and scary) part.

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