I started visiting Pelee in 2011 for the peace, as many who wash up on the Island’s shores do. What I found was much more than that. I met my future husband that year, was married on Pelee in 2016 and have officially become an Island resident in 2017.

Grateful for the incredible gifts Pelee Island has given me, peace and love; it is this gratitude that sparked the name “Found on Pelee” which I chose for my art featuring items from Pelee.

With a belief in recycling and a love of treasure hunting, I use items found on the Island together with up cycled and second hand items to create one of a kind pieces capturing a little of the spirit of Pelee Island. Driftwood, shells and things others may view as broken find new life in my creations.

I have been creating all of my life. Painting, writing, sewing and theatre have always provided me with a balance to a career life in public relations, event management and organizational development.

Pelee Island’s peace offers inspiration and a creative freedom for artists like no other place I have had the honour of creating in. I hope to see you on our shores soon.

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