You know how sometimes you are so enlightened and zen-like?  Where words are like rainbows and unicorns flowing from your soul out through your mouth? Then there’s those other times when a morphed presence consisting of your ego driven 16 year old self and a 63 year old trucker named Frank take residence and drive it like they stole it?

Well that, my dear lovelies, is precisely why when my friends ask me for my thoughts on a situation, subject or decision they are contemplating I began by asking “Would you like  big sister  or a little sister to respond to that?”

Big Sister – The moments when you have merged with Mother Theresa and your compassion and divine connection to your higher self enable you to be profound, gentle and kind.

Little Sister – When you are having a  really, really have a hard time cleaning up your mouth and sugar coating. The times when letting that sh*& fly feels like losing 5 pounds.

Big Sister – The times when you have that nurturing, thought provoking talk over tea helping your soul climb to higher ground.

Little Sister – Those flashes when you need the straight goods quick and dirty, like …well you know.

You get the idea. So go with what feels right to you, your current mood or take turns between the voices of big and little sister. I will warn you now, little sister does have a bit of a potty mouth….you can blame it on Frank.



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