A Tireless Journey to Healing

A few years ago, when I became ill and perplexed about what could be causing a myriad of symptoms on a body that had treated me so well all my life, I was slapped with a diagnosis of Hashimotos Thyroiditis. I was in shock and determined to figure out what it was, how to get better, how to proceed with life as normally as possible, and the most prominent question... if I ignore it, will it go away? Well, the simple answer is NO!
I dedicated myself to learning, dove into 5 or 6 books at one time, flagging pages, subscribing to blogs, listening in to various summits dedicated to autoimmune disease health, and following professionals that knew more about this disease than I did. I was under the care of a naturopathic doctor and a functional practitioner that worked together, and I can honestly say I have never given so much blood for testing and yet remained so thankful for answers and support. Having practiced as a Registered Nurse did NOT prepare me for being a patient. Patient...hmm - not me!
So, I reset my body, started from scratch and started healing from within. I changed my diet and followed the Autoimmune Protocol until I was slowly able to add additional foods into my diet, without reaction. I tuned INTO my body and listened to what it needed. One big trigger for autoimmune disease is STRESS, who knew? So, I started practicing more self-care in the form of prayer, meditation, dancing, therapeutic baths, changing my mindset. It has been an ever-evolving journey, and I am thankful for every piece of it.
Part of this journey in removing hormone-disrupting chemicals from my body also included lotions, shampoos, face products, sunscreens...the list goes on forever! I started experimenting with different products at home, testing them, then blending them, adding a drop of this essential oil, then a dash of a wrinkle removal oil... I wanted it all.
I realize many of us women are B.U.S.Y. and overwhelmed with the carousel of life and limitless options that color the carnival grounds. Ever notice that brands that speak the loudest in forms of advertising usually capture the client? What about convenience - that bottle of “oatmeal” lotion sitting on the shelf at Target while running errands is so conveniently THERE. So, we pick it up without thinking twice. It says it is healthy, right? Now, go read the label - jaw-dropped!
I had a lot to learn and I felt limited. I also noticed a lot of other women didn’t have the information at their fingertips to make informed decisions without feeling overwhelmed, so I started sharing, little tips here, a sample of that there. We’re making progress. Then I thought, why not make the products, teach women about the importance of our health and sacred bodies, and how we need to SLOW DOWN and love this body we were given. So, it is a package deal - we have natural products and healing sessions. Women are sacred and beautifully made. Let us take back that time and realize the importance of caring for this one body we were given, healing from the inside out.
Much love and peace,
April, 2019