I am... Berry Polished Lip Scrub

I am... Berry Polished Lip Scrub

A natural and delicious alternative to getting pouty lips that are hydrated & soft.

This berry flavored lip scrub is emulsified, colored with rose clay and we use cane sugar to gently scrub away stubborn dry & flaky lips, revealing pink & pouty & kissable lips!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nothing worked before this

I have always had dry and cracking lips, year round. I tried your scrub and used it every few days for a few weeks, and I have SOFT lips that are not cracked or chapped. I was so excited to find something that finally works. Thank you!

Tried and loved it

My lips were super chapped this winter and no matter how much lip balm I used, I couldn't get rid of the white & dry skin chunks. I tried your lip scrub and used it ever day for a week, and my lips are now so soft and lush. Thank you for saving me from dry & bleeding lips!

I am obsessed with this scrub!

I have had an obsession with lip scrubs for a while, but honestly yours is so much better than other ones I have tried. I love how it foams up a little and leaves my lips super soft everytime. You are my new go-to.

So Soft

My lips feel so soft after using this lip scrub. It's not abrasive and my lips always feel hydrated after. Definitely buying again, but honestly so much comes in the jar I I don't know when that will be. haha

Best Lip Scrub

I have tried so many lip scrubs, both cheaper and expensive, and I really like this one! My lips feel pouty and soft for days ater I use it and always look good. Thanks girl!