Southern Belle Celiac

I live in the South….of Canada and I have celiac disease.  3 years after being diagnosed and a life-time of illness caused by it,  I am finally flourishing and I want all those dealing with this disease to do the same and to have hope. I also want to share products, recipes, medical info, tips, tricks and suggestions on how to handle the many unique situations one finds themselves in with celiac disease.

If you do not have celiac disease, this section of my site may not interest you. However, if you have a loved one, friend, colleague or know of anyone who struggles with celiac, you may find this section interesting. Or if you are sensitive to gluten or perhaps celiac curious, I invite you to poke around.

To my tribe members with celiac, I know it’s hard to maintain a gluten free lifestyle but as a dear friend once told me when I was ready to give up trying “You are not high maintenance, you are worth it.”

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